Online forum

We have an e-group in which members can raise questions and discussion topics regarding trust, statutory and lottery fundraising.

The membership of the e-group changes from month to month with new people joining and others leaving, so please see the guidelines below for how the group should be used.

We have approximately 1,160 members on the e-group which provides lively and informative discussions on subjects of interest to Trust fundraisers.

The Trusts and Statutory Fundraising SIG is run by a committee of volunteers (all with full-time jobs) so please bear this in mind when communicating regarding the administration of the group.

In the spirit of the group, we welcome active discussion and friendly disagreement as this can often prove useful to the membership as a whole.

However, to avoid certain topics dominating discussions we do curtail messages after several replies have been posted or where we feel that messages are not in line with what we are working to achieve.

Members should also be aware that misusing this list could result in their membership being revoked.


Training and Recruitment Advertisements on the e-group

Members of the e-group who do not work for professional training or recruitment agencies can place job adverts free of charge.

All professional organisations wishing to use the e-group to promote their services or advertise jobs will be invoiced.

To find out our current charges please email us.