Volunteer Board Fundraising

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People get involved with philanthropy for different reasons, and it is important - for those of us looking to do more than write a cheque - to ensure that the charity can quench our individual thirst.” Chair of an NSPCC Volunteer Board

As our supporters seek out different and more meaningful ways to help our organisations, we must look beyond traditional routes of support and find more innovative ways of working with them.

Volunteer Board Fundraising (VBF) is a formalised approach to working with senior level volunteers in order to reach significant fundraising targets.  Typically the volunteers’ main focus is to use their networks and influence to secure major gifts, high level corporate partnerships, and signature fundraising events, although they are by no means limited to this.

At its heart, Volunteer Board Fundraising enables supporters to work in partnership with an organisation to make a significant impact for that organisation’s beneficiaries, and in so doing gives those supporters a more enriched experience.

As this specific area of fundraising is seeing marked growth, we want to offer fundraisers the opportunity to share knowledge, experience and best practice with others in this field. We will shortly be setting up a LinkedIn group where members will be able to ask questions of the group, advertise roles and opportunities in volunteer board fundraising, and share their knowledge of this area.

Since autumn 2012, we have been organising a series of events to offer our members the opportunity to learn from expert speakers and meet other fundraisers working in VBF.

If you already work with a volunteer board, are looking to establish a board, or simply find this area of fundraising of interest, please go to the IoF homepage and either log in, if you are already an IoF member, or register to use the site. You can then add the VBF Specials Interest Group to your group mailing choices in the 'My IoF' section.

If you have any problems adding us to your mailing choices, or you want to get in touch with any questions, please do email us at volunteerboards@institute-of-fundraising.org.uk