Project on the Donor Experience

The Commission on the Donor Experience launched its findings and recommendations to the sector at our Fundraising Convention on the 5th July 2017.

Its aim: to place donors at the heart of fundraising. The detailed reports are a rethinking of how charities might operate and will equip fundraisers to deliver the best donor experience based on identified best practice and shared examples.

The reports are richer in content than any previous study, bringing together the insight and experience of more than 1,000 people from across the voluntary sector, to create a body of resources that includes 28 projects, 526 ideas for change and 250 case histories that are all freely accessible to charities via SOFII (see links below).

The key message is: stop thinking about your own needs and just adhering to new regulations and start thinking about what motivates and inspires your donors - and then inspire positive change within your organisation to raise more for your cause. Giving a great experience encourages a donor to give more and for longer.

The Commission has now served its purpose and is dissolved, but the implementation of its vital legacy is now a new and exciting project within the Institute of Fundraising.

This is the beginning of a revolutionary culture change within charities – and will involve not just the Institute but input from ACEVO, NCVO, SCVO, CFG and other sector bodies.

The Institute has committed to three initial things:

• To establish a new Donor Experience Special Interest Group
• To link the Commission’s work to our Standards Advisory Board
• To launch a new ‘Best Donor Experience’ award category for the 2018 National Fundraising Awards

More information on how you can be involved in the continuing work on the Donor Experience will be available here soon.

Read Vice Chair of the Commission, Giles Pegram's article: 'Treat donors well and they will give more' via the Guardian.


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