Events and community

Information on fundraising from events and working with volunteers. 


sublanding Working with volunteer fundraisers
Volunteers are a hugely important asset and a great way of involving people in your cause
sublanding Introduction to Event fundraising
Event fundraising offers many opportunities to get a range of people and communities involved in your organisation’s work
sublanding Key considerations
Learn about the key considerations when it comes to events fundraising
sublanding Planning and preparation
To make sure an event is successful, good planning is essential
sublanding Challenge Events
Challenge events can be a useful way for both small and larger charities to raise money in a more creative way
sublanding Outdoor UK Challenge events
This guidance takes into account specific issues to consider when putting on outdoor challenge events in the UK
sublanding Three Peaks Challenge
This section provides additional guidance for the Three Peaks Challenge
sublanding Auctions
Auctions can be a great way to fundraise, either as a standalone event, or as part of a bigger event