Fundraising Compliance

Explore the operational compliance role carried out by the Institute of Fundraising with its members, including finding and requesting Site Management Agreements, information for local authorities, access to public fundraising sites and diary systems, the Public Fundraising Certification Programme, and compliance resources.


sublanding Local authorities - Site Management Agreements
Site Management Agreements set controls on where and when fundraising can take place
sublanding Fundraising Sites and Diaries
One of our main roles is to ensure fair and equitable access to fundraising sites
sublanding Public Fundraising Certification programme
Public fundraising is one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways for charities to find new regular donors
sublanding Call Levelling programme
Members only - call levelling is used in telephone fundraising to ensure calls are monitored consistently
sublanding Compliance Framework
Helping our members ensure they have the necessary structure in place to meet compliance requirements
sublanding Standards
All IoF members agree to follow the rulebooks for street, door to door and private site fundraisers
sublanding Compliance resources
Resources area to assist fundraisers with fundraising compliance
sublanding E-Learning
An on-line e-learning resource to help face-to-face fundraisers to comply with the rules