Call Levelling programme

Call levelling is used in telephone fundraising to ensure calls are monitored in a consistent way. Through monitoring and discussing the scoring of a call, you learn to apply a balanced view over all monitoring. The call levelling programme aims to not only mimic this process, but help improve the monitoring skills and knowledge of the learners.

How does it work?

The Call Levelling programme is a series of 10 modules in total which are released to learners over time, starting with an introductory module which sets the background and has a quick quiz as well as a short call to monitor. Each module should take a maximum of 20 minutes to complete and can be accessed at any time from your computer. 

This is a great tool to support your monitoring staff, help them apply similar levels of objectivity and subjectivity and also make sure their compliance knowledge is up to date. 

You can even use the calls in your telephone fundraising training as discussion points, looking at what is good or bad about a call. 

This is as close to reality as we could make it! Calls are based on genuine telephone fundraising discussions. There is a fictitious charity and fundraisers can download information about its history, cause, the types of fundraising it uses, as well as facts which the fundraisers can use in their calls. There are scripted parts which must be read verbatim by the fundraiser, a monitoring form and guidance notes to help those monitoring.


Who is it for?

  • Anyone who routinely monitors telephone fundraising calls or has to listen to calls for complaint resolution. 
  • Trainers and telephone fundraisers. 
  • If you are new to telephone fundraising, or considering using this channel for the first time, then try this programme. We are more than happy for you to use our monitoring form and guidance notes for your own campaign. 
  • Do remember though, that although this programme is based on genuine calls, the compliant to non-compliant ratio is not at all reflected. Our recent Call Monitoring Pilot demonstrates that compliance both from in-house call centres and agencies is generally 98% plus across the board and if you consider the volume of calls made, that is pretty impressive. 


And best of all… it is free for Institute of Fundraising members! 

Access the programme online: Call levelling programme registration