Fundraising Sites and Diaries

One of the Compliance Directorate’s main roles is to ensure fair and equitable access to fundraising sites.

The aim of the IoF site allocations function is to manage public fundraising activities effectively by:

  • Identifying suitable sites for public fundraising
  • Liaising with public and private site owners / controllers throughout the UK to facilitate acceptable, productive and sustainable levels of activity
  • Allocating capacity to charities and professional fundraising organisations in a fair and equitable way


In our role as a bridge between charity and council, we are seeking a balance between the right of the charity to fundraise and the right of the public to go about their business.


This is achieved through:


sublanding Sites in LSM
All sites listed in London Site Management grouped by postcode
sublanding Diary systems
There are three separate systems by which IoF members are allocated fundraising sites throughout the UK