The Code of Fundraising Practice and and its associated rule books for street and door fundraising outline the standards expected of all charitable fundraising organisations across the UK. The standards were developed by the fundraising community through the work of the Institute of Fundraising (IoF) and Public Fundraising Association (PFRA).

In 2015, a Review of Fundraising Regulation chaired by Sir Stuart Etherington identified a need for responsibility for the Code of Fundraising Practice and the Rule Books to be transferred to a new Fundraising Regulator to safeguard the independence of fundraising regulation.

The Code and the Rule Books have been formally transferred to the Fundraising Regulator at its launch on 7th July 2016. Decisions on changes to the Code will be made by the Fundraising Regulator’s Standards Committee in consultation with fundraising stakeholders.

These Rule Books form the basis of our penalty points system in cases where poor practice occurs.

The purpose of these Rule Books are to set out the standards expected of face-to-face fundraising organisations operating on the door, street and/or private sites.

IoF Compliance Directorate rulebook - Street Fundraising - August 2017 - download

IoF Compliance Directorate rulebook - Door-to-Door - August 2017 - download

IoF Compliance Directorate rulebook - Private Site - September 2018 - download



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