Mystery Shopping and compliance

To ensure F2F fundraisers comply with the Code of Fundraising Practice and fundraising Rule Books the IoF Compliance Directorate manages dedicated mystery shopping programmes for street based and private site fundraisers.

Mystery shopping is carried out by agents employed directly and by professional mystery shopping companies that have been contracted to pose as ordinary members of the public, interact with fundraisers and observe the fundraising team. They then record the results using a questionnaire constructed by the IoF CD to test that the fundraiser has complied with the relevant rules and code. Penalties are imposed on those organisations whose fundraisers are found to be in breach of the code and/or rules. 

The programmes are managed by the relevant compliance managers, for Street this is Tom Rosenfeld and for Private Site it is Steve Richards.

The Mystery Shopping Terms of Reference can be found on the Compliance Resources page.

Public Fundraising Certification Programme

The mystery shopping programme forms a key pillar of the PFCS, along with training observations, which are carried out to ensure key compliance elements are included (e.g. solicitation statements, vulnerability and the rule books) and detailed questioning regarding operational structure and policies. The PFCS helps PFO’s ensure that their fundraising operations are responsible, respectful and compliant.