No Cold Calling Zones and stickers

No Cold-Calling Zones

Many councils have designated certain areas as ‘Cold Calling Control Zones’ (NCCZs) or ‘No Cold Calling Zones’ (NCCZs).

NCCZs are initiatives that are intended to protect residents from bogus doorstep callers and doorstep crimes (such as distraction burglaries). The Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) has published guidelines on how CCCZs should be set up. This guidance includes:

  • NCCZs should only be considered when supported by a “real” local need to stop sellers/callers – such as to prevent distraction burglaries, protect the elderly from bogus callers etc.
  • The size of an NCCZ should be “relatively small” and “easily defined by its boundaries”, such as a cul-de-sac, small estate or neighbourhood watch area.
  • The NCCZs must have the “wholesale support” of local residents. Consultation with residents is the first step.


The Fundraising Regulator’s rulebook prohibits Fundraisers from entering Cold Call Control Zones (CCCZs) that have been set up according to these guidelines.


No Cold-Calling Stickers

The Fundraising Regulator’s rulebook prohibits Fundraisers from knocking on a door which clearly displays a sticker that explicitly states “no cold calling” “no cold callers”, “no charities”, “no charity canvassers” or “no charity fundraisers”.