Digital fundraising


The internet has been heralded as the most useful tool available to fundraisers since it first began to be adopted by fundraising organisations.

Online communications can be used for a variety of means, including campaigning, donor care and fundraising.

Digital Webinar series

Getting started in digital fundraising (20 June 2012)
Creating a digital fundraising strategy (18 July 2012)
How to increase donations through your website (18 September 2012)
How to fundraise using email (26 October 2012)
How to fundraise using social media (4 February 2013)
Making the most of peer to peer fundraising (5 March 2013)
Integrating Fundraising and Campaigning to raise more (22 April 2013)
Using Digital Technology to Improve Donor Retention (2 May 2013)
Measuring the Impact of your Digital Investment (9 May 2013)

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Other webinars

Making the most of digital for Heritage fundraising (On demand webinar)



US fundraising guru and trainer Beth Kanter shares her 5 top predictions for the future of fundraising - what you think will be the biggest trend for charities to get involved with in 2017?

Produced by Social Misfits Media 


Code of Fundraising Practice and Guidance

Before delving into the world of online fundraising, it is important to check the standards in the Digital media section of the Code of Fundraising Practice. If organisations are taking money through online fundraising, they should also consider the Handling of Cash and Other Financial Donations section of the Code and accompanying guidance.


The Code sets out the law and best practice for a range of fundraising techniques.


FAQ guide to improving website performance

Ve Interactive, an IoF Corporate Supporter Member, have produced a guide with the IoF, for charities aiming to improve website performance - download it here

Ve Interactive


Social technology

Social networks and blogs are reported to have overtaken email in terms of popularity. It is therefore inevitable that they are increasingly used by fundraisers and campaigners to engage supporters.

Do you know your RSS feed from your live feed?

The world of blogging and widgets can seem daunting to those unfamiliar with the latest web tools so we have developed a briefing to introduce you to some of the options available.

Read the Social Technology: A Starting Point briefing


Online shopping

Fundraising via online shopping can be a free and easy way for your supporters to raise money. By asking your supporters to buy online via specific websites, you can receive cash donations at no cost to you or your supporters. There are a variety of websites that offer this facility but there are a variety of issues to consider before you enter such a relationship. The Institute's 'Online shopping' briefing highlights some of these issues and includes some top tips to help ensure fundraising success.


Collecting money online

There are a variety of websites which enable you to collect money online. Some of these sites will incur different costs so it is important to do some research.

You will need to think about whether you want (and have the capability) to facilitate donations on your own website or whether you want to use another website's online giving page.

Security is of upmost importance when processing financial transactions. Your bank should be able to provide further information and also check the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council.


Beneficiary Gifts

Beneficiary, or virtual gifts, involve donors 'buying' a gift for a recipient from a catalogue or website but instead of the recipient receiving a gift, the donor's money is spent on a charitable activity or product. Find out more.