Making the most of peer to peer fundraising

Date: March 5th 2013

Seth Godin summed up peer-to-peer fundraising in his e-book "Flipping the Funnel" when he said:

Turn strangers into friends.
Turn friends into donors
And the most important job:
Turn your donors into fundraisers.

Peer to peer fundraising is great for attracting new donors and gives you access to new networks of donors. What are the best tools, tips and strategies to allow donors to raise awareness and funds? 

In our upcoming webinar from the "digital-fundraising' series, you will be provided with practical advice on how you can empower your existing followers, fans and friends, individuals and groups to raise funds for your not -for-profit organisation.


  • Rachel Collinson, Director of Knowledge Sharing and Innovation, Engaging Networks
  • Steve Thomas, Co-Founder, Purple Vision


Watch webinar

Clicking on the image below will open up the webinar in a new window. You can also access all the presentation slides from this same link.