Individual Giving

Individual giving refers to the many charitable gifts made by the general public and is by far the largest source of charities’ income from donations. Fundraisers’ skill is knowing which methods will yield the most in which circumstances  - combining the how, who and what of individual giving. This section covers:

Door-to-Door fundraising

Door-to-Door collections are a vital source of funds for many organisations. They must be carried out efficiently and in conformity with the law. Find out more on Door-to-Door fundraising


Face-to-Face fundraising

Face-to-face activity can occur on the street, from house-to-house or on public and private property such as shopping malls and railway stations. Find out more on face-to-face fundraising


Direct Mail

Direct Mail can be used to inform potential supporters about a cause, ask for financial support or to help build a relationship with supporters. Find out more on direct mail