Tax Effective Giving

Tax-effective giving is invaluable to the charity sector, allowing tens of thousands of charities to significantly boost their income. However, charities are currently missing out on over £750 million each year in Gift Aid income alone. 

These pages offer comprehensive information about all forms of tax-effective giving (also known as 'tax-efficient giving'). These resources are aimed at everyone involved in charitable giving: charities, fundraisers and donors.

This section covers:
sublanding Gift Aid
When you make a donation to a charity, CASC or voluntary organisation, that charity can claim back the tax paid on the donation
sublanding Payroll Giving
Payroll Giving is a scheme that enables employees to give to a charity straight from their gross salary (before tax is deducted).
sublanding Gift of Shares
An alternative to giving money to your favourite charities can be the donation of shares or securities
sublanding Legacies
A legacy, or bequest from a donor’s will, is one of the more traditional methods of giving to charity and it remains an important one
sublanding Trusts and Foundations
Legal entities which can be set up by anyone to set aside some of their assets or income for charitable causes
sublanding Giving by Business
There are a number of ways in which your charity can encourage businesses to support your cause, many of which have tax incentives
sublanding Land and Property
There are many examples of major donors giving land or buildings, either in their entirety or a proportion of the holding, to charity
sublanding Registering with HMRC
If you want to benefit from any tax-effective giving mechanism, your charity must register with HM Revenue & Customs