Payroll Giving

What is Payroll Giving?

Payroll Giving is a scheme that enables employees to give to a charity straight from their gross salary (before tax is deducted). Any UK, EU, Norwegian or Icelandic charity that is recognised by HMRC for tax purposes can receive gifts this way.
Payroll Giving allows UK employees to “give more for less” as the tax that would normally be paid to the government can be gifted to the charity too.  It allows the charity to receive reliable income to enable them to plan for the future and for employers to contribute to sustainable corporate social responsibility initiatives. 

The Payroll Giving section of the website is split into three sections.

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What's the latest? 

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for Payroll Giving was signed on 24 March 2016. This voluntary agreement between charities, payroll giving agencies, and the Government demonstrates a shared ambition from all parties and a desire to positively work together to achieve our goals.

This MoU will improve payroll giving by making more information about donations available to charities in a common and consistent format that will help them understand and drive forward their fundraising activity. It will also give greater clarity and transparency to the overall process of payroll giving through publication and reporting of wider data.

Read the full MoU for more information and full details on the standardised disbursement reports and wider reporting.