Fundraising Essentials

What is fundraising?

Fundraising is the way in which charities ask for donations or other financial support from the public, businesses, Government, foundations and others. Voluntary donations and other fundraising activity provides the funds that enables the nation to have a thriving voluntary sector and provides a wide array of charitable services that benefits people and communities at home and abroad.

Giving to good causes is a huge part of our culture in the UK, with the British public alone donating over £9 billion annually, and supporting charities through a range of other fundraising activities. This simply wouldn’t happen without the work of fundraisers; committed volunteers, charity employees, third parties and fellow charity supporters working together.

Fundraising campaigns and activity connects people with causes they care about, but excellent fundraising is not just about bringing in the money. It is about developing positive, sustainable and respectful relationships with supporters and embedding the values of your organisation into your strategy and approach to raising money.

Are you new to the sector or thinking of changing careers into the sector and looking to improve and develop your understanding and knowledge of fundraising?

The IoF Introduction to Fundraising course offers you a practical introduction to the profession covering basic principles and best practice.

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On the pages below, you can find out more about how to fundraise and what the rules are that you need to follow.


sublanding Starting to fundraise
If you are just beginning to raise funds, this is the right place for help and advice in getting started
sublanding Raising funds for an Individual
While you cannot set up a charity that benefits just one individual, you can raise money for them in different ways
sublanding Fundraising for charities abroad
While you can fundraise for charities that are not registered in the UK, there are some restrictions
sublanding Volunteers and Trustees
Having the support of volunteers and your trustee board can make all the difference in developing a successful fundraising programme
sublanding Fundraising Strategy
Guidance on fundraising strategy
sublanding Giving to charity
Donations can be made of money, goods or your time and expertise
sublanding Knowing the rules
There are many rules for charity fundraising and here we set out the key points you need to follow
sublanding Working with Third Parties
Charities often benefit from working with third parties to gain access to specialist fundraising expertise and reach new supporters
sublanding How to talk to supporters about chief executive pay
Guidance on discussing chief executive pay