Working with Third Parties

Fundraising agencies, suppliers, and third parties all play a crucial role in fundraising in the UK, from specialist fundraising consultants or professional fundraisers to data suppliers, mail fulfilment houses and more.

The capacity, expertise, insight, and innovation that these partners provide can enable charities to extend their fundraising reach, achieving far more than they would be able to alone.

But, establishing a good working relationship with any third party is essential. The public will often not differentiate between an agency representative and one of the charity’s own fundraisers. So, when you work with a fundraising agency, it is important to view them as an extension of your organisation, ensuring that they are equipped to act and behave as your representatives.

There are also certain rules to be aware of when working with third parties, which include:


• Making sure third parties follow the Code of Fundraising Practice, data protection and any other relevant regulations

• Having a written agreement setting out the terms of any working with third parties. Under the Charities Act 2016, this needs to cover the standards they are expected to maintain and how this will be monitored, as well as how people in vulnerable circumstances and others will be protected from unreasonable intrusion into their privacy, unreasonably persistent approaches or undue pressure to donate to the charity

• Stating clearly within your charity’s annual report whether any activities were carried out by professional fundraisers, how they were monitored, whether they are regulated, how many complaints have been received and what the charity has done to protect vulnerable people. ?


Find out more by reading our guidance for working with fundraising consultants and best practice for fundraising contracts

The Fundraising Regulator also has some useful Frequently Asked Questions on its website about the Charities Act 2016 and recent changes to fundraising regulations.


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