Environmental Change - A Toolkit for Fundraisers

A resource to help you consider the kind of environmental change that is right for your charity, and how you can bring it about at an individual and organisational level.

The climate emergency poses a risk to the communities that charities serve, which means that as a sector we all have a role to play in lessening its effects and minimising our environmental impact.

We hope that if the environment hasn’t been a part of your thinking or that of your charity, this guide will help to develop a mindset that considers environment in everyday professional choices and actions, and offer a direction of travel to charities.

This guide will provide tools and tips to raise this issue inside your own charity as well as advice on the changes you can make in your own work as a fundraiser. It aims to increase awareness about the role charities can play in tackling the climate emergency and encourage individual actions in fundraisers’ professional lives to help mobilise change inside charities.

The climate emergency is far bigger than fundraising, but the choices we make about how we fundraise, the donations we accept or refuse, or through the engagement we have with millions of people who support and donate to charities, we have the potential to reshape our future for the people and causes we represent and serve.

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