Managing fundraising

This section contains guidance on how to manage different aspects of fundraising, including:

sublanding Accountability and transparency
Charities must be honest and truthful, and comply with the law in all they do
sublanding Payment of fundraisers
A variety of mechanisms can be used when paying fundraisers
sublanding Restricted and Unrestricted Funding
Guidance on what constitutes restricted or unrestricted funding
sublanding Safeguarding and whistleblowing
It's important for you, as a fundraiser, to feel safe and supported as you go about your work
sublanding Handling of cash and other donations
The need to handle donations, and particularly cash, arises throughout the fundraising sector
sublanding Data protection
Fundraisers and charities need to understand how this will affect their work and their communications with supporters
sublanding Contracts and working with consultants
Working with partners, whether agencies, suppliers or businesses, is a crucial part of fundraising in the UK
sublanding Tax Effective Giving and VAT
Introductory information about tax-effective giving and key things that fundraisers and charities need to know
sublanding Acceptance, refusal and return: A practical guide to donations
This guidance has been put together to help charities, fundraisers, and trustees make decisions on donations
sublanding Trustees and Fundraising
Explore our resources focusing on trustees and fundraising - Oct 2016
sublanding Making the most of digital donations
A guide to help charities choose online giving platforms