Safe and supportive working culture

At the Institute of Fundraising, we believe that every fundraising organisation should offer a safe and supportive working environment and culture for staff and volunteers alike. Employers have a legal duty to look after the welfare of their people, but a healthy and positive fundraising environment goes further than just meeting legal requirements. This can be challenging for any organisation no matter what size or scope, but when budgets are tight or staff resources low, it can be particularly difficult to know where to start.

This resource draws together some key principles, signposting relevant guidance and offering simple checklists to help managers identify what they can do to embed and maintain a supportive and safe environment for trustees, employees and volunteers. It emphasises the importance of thinking carefully about the structures and policies that organisations put in place, working practices, how colleagues work together, and how to support staff when they are out meeting donors, beneficiaries or at external events.

When people are happy and nurtured, it goes without saying that they will not only perform better but be more likely to engage well with supporters and communicate their passion for the cause. Inevitably, fundraisers and volunteers that feel supported in this way will stay with the organisation for longer and be far more likely to achieve their potential.” Peter Lewis, Chief Executive of the Institute of Fundraising


What can you do to make your people feel safe and supported in all they do?

In the sections below we explore some core principles for looking after your workforce.


sublanding Inspiring a positive and open working culture
A positive and open working culture will lay the foundations of a committed, trusted and engaged working relationship
sublanding Recruiting responsibly
Good recruitment practice is not just about filling a vacancy...
sublanding Keeping employees and volunteers safe
As an employer, you have a duty to look after both staff and volunteers
sublanding Looking after health and wellbeing
Working in a positive environment that nurtures employee wellbeing will help individuals and organisations thrive
sublanding Leading by example
Leaders set the tone for the overarching environment, moral characteristics and identity of the organisation
sublanding Further resources
Further guidance on this area of fundraising