Looking after health and wellbeing

Fundraising has never been more important to support the delivery of vital charitable services. This means that people are having to work harder than ever to secure donations and to ensure charities are managed as efficiently as possible. This can take its toll on employees and volunteers alike.

The wellbeing of your fundraisers, and all staff, should be of utmost importance, as well as being a major factor on their performance in their role and for retention of employees. Working in a positive environment that nurtures their wellbeing will help individuals and organisations thrive. 

There are many ways that organisations can look after the wellbeing of staff, including celebrating strong performance, providing ergonomically designed working areas, helping employees find ways to integrate an active and healthy lifestyle and a good work/life balance, and encouraging them to keep learning. You can find out more about wellbeing in the workplace from the CIPD.

Questions to consider

• How do you promote an active and healthy lifestyle among your workforce?
• What is your approach to handling sickness or unexpected absence?
• If someone is absent from work for any length of time, what can be done to support that individual and his/her colleagues?
• How much time off is available to staff and do you offer flexible working for your staff?
• What more can be done to ensure a healthy work life balance and encourage wellbeing?
• How can you look after those who have mental health conditions or may be vulnerable?
• What additional support is available for those working in dangerous or distressing situations, with beneficiaries in need, or in crisis or emergency zones?
• How can you protect people from bullying or harassment?