Interviews: the importance of your personality

During an interview, the stress of getting across your experience in the required areas, your knowledge of the industry and the many pertinent and interesting questions you have about the business may mean you forget all about your personality.

Even though competency-based or hypothetical questions may send you into a panic over how to answer correctly, always remember that it is you, as a person, that they are hiring; it's also worth remembering that if your personality does not fit you probably won't be happy there anyway.

So if you are a fun, friendly, caring person, show it; if you love helping others to learn, talk about that; if you are prepared to have a go at anything or are versatile and adaptable, give examples in answer to the 'Tell me about yourself' style questions; if you tend to think differently to others or are good at inspiring creative thinking in other people, describe those situations.

Whether you are an introvert or extrovert, a generalist or specialist, have a really good think about who you are before you start applying for jobs and certainly before you go to an interview; ask your friends what they like about you, what they value; think about what you are really good at and why. Or you could try doing a personality test. They provide really useful feedback on your strengths and the areas you could develop. When you recognise yourself in that feedback it should help you to clarify in your head what you are good at.

Recognise the brilliant personality traits that would make you a valuable addition to any team and make sure you let them shine the next time you meet a hiring manager.