Research and reports

Welcome to our research, including the latest fundraising research and reports. Good fundraising inevitably depends upon knowledge of the subject area and existing fundraising research can go at least some way to answering some of these questions.

All of our research, reports and guidance can be found below, along with our most recent pieces:

sublanding From response to recovery: Fundraising strategy and COVID-19
Produced with THINK, this guide aims to give you the tips and insights you need to plan a strategy for the new fundraising landscape.
sublanding The Power of Mail for Charity Fundraising
Written in partnership with Royal Mail MarketReach, this guide explores how charities can make the most of direct mail.
sublanding The Giving Experience: overcoming the barriers to giving among the wealthy in the UK
A Beacon Collaborative report considering how fundraising organisations engage wealthy donors as partners in social change.
sublanding Charity Benchmarks Sector Report 2019
Charity Benchmarks Sector Report 2019 in partnership with the Institute of Fundraising.
sublanding A Year in Fundraising
The IoF's review of the year 2019's events in the fundraising sector for IoF Members.
sublanding Future-proofing your fundraising - Autumn 2019
Fundraising success rarely comes out of the blue; it is built on a strategic approach and having the right plans in place.
sublanding The Status of UK Fundraising 2019 Benchmark Report
Information from organisations across the sector providing a picture of the current challenges and opportunities
sublanding Public Perceptions
Have you ever wanted to know what the public really think about your job in fundraising?
sublanding Fundraising for Impact
New research published today shows that charities across the UK are investing in fundraising and focusing on improving their supporter
sublanding Improving the Supporter Experience
How are charities and fundraisers reviewing and improving the supporter experience?
sublanding Manifesto for Fundraising
If you don't ask you don't get: IoF's manifesto for fundraising
sublanding Insights into Charity Fundraising
Series exploring whole experience, actions, and attitudes of people in their engagement and donations to charities
sublanding Who's Doing The Asking?
Diversity in the fundraising profession presents the results of a survey of over 1,500 fundraisers
sublanding BWB - Get Legal
Get Legal is an online tool which allows you to build and customise legal documents through a responsive question-and-answer process
sublanding Fundraising Index
IoF organisational membership exclusive - Fundraising Index aims to establish the most useful benchmarks and trends across fundraising
sublanding UK Online Giving
In partnership with Blackbaud, we track the annual and monthly trends in online giving
sublanding Good Asking
The role of research in efficient, effective and enjoyable fundraising - April 2017
sublanding GetRaising!
The need to get more fundraising experience, insight and expertise on charity trustee boards has never been greater
sublanding Managing in a New Normal series
All reports in a series with PwC and CFG which tracks how charities are faring in their operating environment
sublanding Fundraising Media DNA series
Looks at the genetic make-up of 10 key communication channels providing insight about relative strengths and advantages of each channel
sublanding Views of small charities on fundraising reforms
Report by IoF and Small Charities Coalition show small charity familiarity of fundraising self-regulation - Feb 2016
sublanding Closing the Loop
Examines the state of event fundraising in 2015 and shows the importance of post-event communications
sublanding What's Data Got To Do With It
‘What’s Data Got To Do With It?’ is to inspire charitable organisations who have yet to embark on their journey with data
sublanding Corporate Fundraising A Snapshot
An in-depth review of how charities are responding to change and approaching corporate fundraising
sublanding nfpSynergy - Major donor research synthesis report 2017
Updated major donor research by nfpSynergy, supported by IoF
sublanding What Have We Got To Lose: Society Lotteries
A joint IoF and Lottery Council report, carried out by the Centre of Economic and Business Research
sublanding Charity Today 2017
A better understanding of the contribution made to public life by charities
sublanding Major Gift Fundraising: a snapshot of current practice
A report by Good Values and IoF finds widespread optimism for an increase in income through Major Gift fundraising