Attitudes and behaviours towards charitable giving

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28 June 2012

The purpose of this research was to explore the general public’s attitudes and behaviours towards charitable giving. In particular the research has focussed on and the motivating drivers behind giving and how people’s attitudes and levels of giving vary by whether a charity is prompting them or they are being pro-active in their financial support.

Within the charity sector there is current debate on the issue of ‘ask’ and how the effectiveness differs between the different ways of prompting people to donate to charity.

People are currently exposed to a range of different ways of being asked to donate money, ranging from TV advertising using shocking images with a direct ‘ask’ at the end; strangers approaching us on the street asking us for our bank details for monthly direct debits; and even our own friends asking us to donate to the charity of their choice for running a marathon.

There is also the argument that fundraising can exist without a direct focus on the ‘ask’ and that unprompted or spontaneous giving will support charitable activities. The importance of the ‘ask’ and debates around the value of spontaneous giving are important issues for the charity sector.

This research has explored the characteristics of charitable giving and seeks to uncover how the different types of ask can affect the level of charitable giving.

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