IoF member survey results: cash and digital payments

IoF member survey results: cash and digital payments 93Kb PDF

4 June 2018

Our response to HM Treasury's Call for Evidence on cash and digital payments in the new economy was supported and informed by a survey conducted with IoF members where we asked for views and thoughts on different areas of cash/digital payments.

We’ve put together a response, informed by the information and insight from our members. We’ve emphasised throughout that, with over 160,000 registered charities, there will always be a wide variety and range of experiences and priorities across the charity sector. Some charities are early adopters of new technology and have been integrating and embedding new digital and contactless payments as part of their fundraising activity. Others are more traditional (or have less ability to take on newer changes) and rely on cash collections and donations. The system needs to be able to be broad and flexible enough to work for both, and where future change is likely, it needs to be managed so that there is no cliff-edge for charities or donations through hard-edged changes or interventions.

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