IoF Successful Partnerships for Sustainable Fundraising

IoF Successful Partnerships for Sustainable Fundraising 2.45Mb PDF

3 August 2016

IoF Successful Partnerships for Sustainable Fundraising guide

‘Successful Partnerships for Sustainable Fundraising: a practical guide for charities working with agencies’ is a new free resource, available to all, which outlines the fundamental building blocks and key considerations that charities an agencies should be thinking about when agreeing and undertaking fundraising with the public.

The guide covers the full journey of the relationship taking charities through the main issues that arise when working with an agency to ensure they are confident that the quality of the activity will be high and that there are effective monitoring and oversight procedures in place.

[Design credit: David O'Sullivan]

Planning/preparation, monitoring/reviewing, establish terms, selecting a partner

5 questions for charities to answer when working with third party


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