The Change Collective Guide for Hiring Managers

The Change Collective Guide for Hiring Managers 6.02Mb PDF

3 July 2020

Changing systemic failure and practice takes time. The causes and systems are
rooted in history, culture, norms and rules; if it was easy, we would have done it
already. We operate in a broken system, falling back on what is easy to do rather
than doing what is needed. We recruit for culture fit and ignore the value of
culture add.

We have produced this guide for our members to help you think about the actions you can take, decisions you make, to achieve a more diverse fundraising workforce. The majority of the guide was written before the Coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis and those principles, experience and guidance remain important. Additional elements have been added to reflect recruitment in a crisis. It is not comprehensive and cannot be used as a legal guide; rules and regulations change and it is your responsibility to check you are operating within the law.

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