Whistleblowing in Fundraising

Whistleblowing in Fundraising 223Kb PDF

1 August 2017

In July 2017, the Fundraising Regulator made an addition to Section 1.6 of the Code of Fundraising Practice to include a requirement to have an internal procedure for staff and volunteers to raise concerns about fundraising practice.

On the 1st October 2019 a new version of the Code went live.The relevant standard has been moved to Part 2, Section 7.3 of the new Code (monitoring that fundraisers are meeting the Code).

There is some flexibility in how your organisation can meet this standard in the Code. Some charities may already have general, organisation wide whistleblowing policy, and can incorporate a fundraising element into that. Other charities may choose to make a procedure on whistleblowing on fundraising practices clear in their staff and volunteer handbook, and draw it to the attention of staff and volunteers as part of an induction or training process.

This document should help you think through what is right for your organisation.



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