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Whether you’re interested in developing your fundraising career, expanding your networks, or discovering the latest ideas and trends the IoF can support you on your journey.

Associate Membership

Associate Membership is right for you if you have less than five years’ experience in fundraising. You simply need to log in or register to the IoF website and complete the membership application, giving us details of a referee who will be asked to confirm their belief that you will abide by the IoF Code of Conduct.

Full Membership (MInstF)

Full (MInstF) Membership is the grade to choose if you have more than five years’ proven experience in fundraising. You will need to send us a CV/work history when you apply, and give us details of a referee who will be asked to confirm your experience and their belief that you will abide by the IoF Code of Conduct (you may need a second referee to cover the five years, but we'll get back to you if this is the case).



Joining rates

By Direct Debit (Annual, quarterly or monthly)


Associate Membership

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Less than five years of fundraising

(includes a
£25 joining fee)


Quarterly payments: £26.75

Monthly payments: £8.92

Full Membership

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More than five years experience

(includes a
£25 joining fee)


Quarterly payments: £29.25

Monthly payments: £9.75

Our qualified grades

If you’re joining IoF because you have decided to study for one of our professional qualifications, please contact the team at or on 0207 840 1020 for help and guidance.  

When you register for your chosen qualification course, you will firstly become a Full (MInstF) member and enjoy the benefits of IoF membership while you’re studying. 

Once you have successfully completed your course, your membership will be upgraded to qualified status:

When you achieve the Certificate in Fundraising, you’ll upgrade to MInstF(Cert)

When you achieve the Diploma in Fundraising, you’ll upgrade to MInstF(Dip)

When you achieve the International Advanced Diploma in Fundraising you'll upgrade to MInstF(AdvDip)

Are you already a member?

If you’re due to renew your membership online, you can do so here.

For more information about IoF membership please contact the team on:

Phone: 020 7840 1010


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