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As your professional body, we will always support you in delivering excellent fundraising for the fantastic causes you represent.

Part of this is a commitment to ensuring that our members conduct themselves in the right way to a high level of professional behaviour.

We have high expectations of our members’ behaviour and conduct and have published an updated Code of Conduct and Disciplinary and Complaints Process which applies to all members. This work has been informed by recommendations from our Taskforce on Sexual Harassment.

In addition, we have developed a specific Code of Behaviour for Training and Events so that everyone who attends our courses and events – including non-members – understand what behaviours are acceptable, are protected appropriately, and understand how to raise a formal or informal complaint about the conduct of others. 

We encourage all members to read the updated Code of Conduct and the Disciplinary and Complaints Process and the Code of Behaviour for Training and Events:

Member Code of Conduct

The Member Code of Conduct expands on our existing requirements by outlining our expectations of members in relation to professional standards and behaviour, ethical standards and integrity and being a representative of the profession.

Read the Member Code of Conduct here.

Code of Behaviour for Training and Events

The new Code is explicit about the behaviours that will not be tolerated at our training or events, including unwelcome sexual attention or harassment, offensive actions or comments related to a person’s gender, race, sexual orientation, disability, appearance or other aspects of identity.  

Read the Code of Behaviour for Chartered Institute Training and Events here.

Disciplinary and Complaints Process

As part of the initial work of our Task Group on Sexual Harassment we reviewed our complaints process and changes were agreed at our Board of Trustees meeting.

Our updated complaints policy and regulations make it clear that we will investigate anonymous complaints or concerns that are raised with us, to the extent that we are able to. The policy is also clear that where patterns of behaviour emerge from complaints or concerns raised, the Institute will consider whether a formal investigation should be undertaken. 

Read our updated complaints policy and revised Disciplinary and Complaints Regulations here.

We need all of your support to be a part of the change that’s needed to make all of our workplaces the safe, secure and respectful ones that they need to be. 

We will do our utmost to ensure we create a safe and inclusive environment for our members and the wider fundraising community.

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