Our focus for 2019

Peter Lewis

Our Chief Executive, Peter Lewis, sets out the Institute of Fundraising's priorities for 2019: 

In 2018 many of you very kindly took the time to give us feedback on your experience of being a member of the IoF. This feedback is vital to us so that we can continue to improve our membership offer and our other services. So thank you for your time. I have set out below the key findings from your feedback and what we intend to do about them.

Net Promoter Score (NPS) - up to +13.4!

The NPS survey, circulated in September 2018, required members to answer a single question - how likely are you to refer the IoF to a friend or colleague? Members answered the question on a 0 – 10 scale with those who responded 9 and 10 deemed promoters, 7 and 8 deemed passives and 0 to 6 deemed detractors. The NPS is calculated by subtracting the percentage of detractors from the percentage of promoters and provides a score ranging from -100 to +100.

Our NPS increased from +6.8 in 2017 to +13.4 in 2018, a significant rise which on the face of it shows you, our members, are happier with our membership than you were before, and that you are therefore more likely to recommend membership to a peer. This is very positive. Especially in the context of the fact that in 2013 our NPS was minus 9!

But we are not at all complacent about this. As your professional body we are committed to continuous improvement, and want to continue the support we offer you.

Therefore, to gather further feedback and insight we undertook a more in depth membership survey in November.

November membership survey key findings and next steps

In November 2018 we circulated a more in-depth survey asking for your views on your motivations for being a member, your views on our member benefits, our events, training and qualifications, and on the content of Fundraising magazine. The summary findings are below:

  • Most of you joined the IoF to show your personal commitment to the Code of Fundraising Practice and excellent fundraising
  • Most of you have remained members for the same reason, but also because of a sense of belonging to the profession, to support the profession and also to access our advice on fundraising policy and practice
  • Policy updates, access to Civilsociety.co.uk, receipt of Fundraising Magazine and discounted access to events and mentoring through our National, Regional and Special Interest Groups are most valuable to you
  • A number of you were unaware of exclusive benefits including the Call Levelling Programme, our Ethics e-Learning Module and our Online Compliance Framework
  • Many of you would like to see more ‘How to guides’, templates (e.g. job descriptions), policy, standards and regulatory insight, and exclusive content from our conferences and events
  • Some of you specified a desire for more training and events in relation to different areas of fundraising, with digital skills identified as a key learning need, and more events outside London.


Next steps

Over the next year we will embed your feedback across our workstreams. For example, we have already provided your feedback on Fundraising Magazine to Civil Society Media, and they will use it to enhance the publication moving forward.

We will continue to focus on developing fundraising as a respected profession, one which you will continue to be proud to belong to, and hope to make an important announcement in relation to the IoF moving to become a Chartered body in the first half of 2019.

Over the course of 2019 we will be working even more closely with our National, Regional and Special Interest Groups, with a view to enabling you to access more training and events where you would like to attend them.

We have already been working to increase the resources available only for members, such as the first edition of what will become an annual Year in Fundraising publication and a forthcoming report on investing for impact. As part of this we will also be developing more resources and toolkits to support our diversity and inclusion objectives, including reporting on our first ever diversity and inclusion survey of fundraising organisations, a recruitment toolkit and a guide on flexible working.

In 2019 we will also do more to promote some of the benefits you have previously been unaware of, such as the online compliance framework, and review the need for continuing those benefits you deem not beneficial.

We will also be reviewing our CRM and website during the year, and we hope you will see tangible benefits from this investment from autumn 2019 onwards, with the emphasis of the new system being on member and customer first.

Thank you once again for your valuable support and feedback, and we look forward to your continued membership and support throughout 2019.