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Building strong relationships is crucial for a romance to succeed, and it’s very much the same in fundraising. It allows charities of all sizes to have a bigger impact with the limited resources we hold. Use these tips to improve the connections you make. 

In the context of fundraising, it is clear that learning from donor feedback is central to raising standards of excellent fundraising. Listening to supporters and learning from their experiences can only lead to a better quality of fundraising. Read these five crucial tips.

Launched at Fundraising Convention, Bright Actions is full of inspiring case studies, ideas and exercises to help embed great ideas into your organisations. 

Learn how to inspire loyal, generous support by creating a culture where people truly focus on the donor and are encouraged to use their initiative. Rob Woods, Director of Bright Spot Fundraising and IoF Academy trainer, shares tips from his Fundraising Convention session. 

Call levelling is used in telephone fundraising to ensure calls are monitored in a consistent way. Through monitoring and discussing the scoring of a call, you learn to apply a balanced view over all monitoring. The call levelling programme aims to not only mimic this process, but help improve the monitoring skills and knowledge of the learners. 

In fundraising, sometimes difficult situations can arise where there’s not a straightforward ‘yes or no’ answer on what is most ethical. To help our members recognise those tricky areas and feel more confident and assured in their ability to work ethically, we have put together this module. 

This framework will help you ensure you have the necessary structure in place to meet compliance requirements. You will learn what to consider when building your compliance programme and find toolkits, examples and checklists to help you through your compliance journey.