An update on our complaints process

An update on our complaints process

5 December 2019

Today we’re reminding our members and the wider fundraising community of our complaints procedure and safeguarding guidance.

In order for all fundraisers to feel safe in their workplaces, we would like to encourage our members to familiarise themselves with the IoF guidance on safeguarding and whistleblowing and to know your rights as fundraisers. 

We encourage anyone who has experienced or witnessed harassment at an IoF event or service, or wishes to complain about a member’s behaviour, to contact the IoF using the complaints procedure.

From today (5 Dec 2019) we have further strengthened our support by setting up an additional resource: a helpline for complainants seeking confidential support and advice in understanding how their complaint will be handled.

Tell Jane, the HR consultancy that enhances workplace culture, will provide support for confidential queries.

Fundraisers are encouraged to come forward to raise complaints directly to the IoF, or alternatively they can use the Tell Jane helpline to log confidential complaints or seek confidential advice.

Contact Tell Jane on the free phone helpline: 0800 689 0843

Key resources:

Lisa Bell, HR Director at Tell Jane, said

We are passionate about supporting the fundraising sector to get on the front foot and be proactive in preventing sexual harassment. Our mission is to create a space where people feel confident to speak out and the IoF's implementation of the Tell Jane helpline offers just that.

By working with the IoF to provide fundraisers with an anonymous reporting helpline, we hope to strengthen the message that harassment, bullying and discrimination has no place in the fundraising sector. But also to reassure fundraisers that they can seek advice from an outside party and confidential platform.

Isobel Michael, IoF trustee, said

As a trustee and co-chair of the Task Group on sexual harassment in fundraising, I feel that it’s very positive that we have worked with Tell Jane to enable confidential reporting for anyone who has experienced sexual harassment by a member of the IoF or at an IoF event.

I hope the helpline will help to build trust in the reporting process and encourage fundraisers who have experienced sexual harassment to feel that they can report concerns directly to the IoF or confidentially to Tell Jane.


The helpline has been commissioned by the Institute of Fundraising to further support fundraisers who wish to speak confidentially to a third party.

This is part of the IoF’s Task Group on Sexual Harassment in Fundraising, which was formed to tackle the issue by supporting our members and the fundraising workforce as a whole.