IoF response to CAF's UK Giving 2018 report

IoF response to CAF's UK Giving 2018 report

20 March 2018

Responding to CAF's UK Giving 2018 report, Peter Lewis, chief executive of the Institute of Fundraising, said:

“The charity sector is built on the donations that people give to causes they care about. The British public continue to be generous and we’re pleased to see this report estimating an increase of around half a billion pounds in the total amount given to charity.

This pays tribute to the hard work and dedication of the thousands of fundraisers across the UK who create innovative campaigns and inspire millions of people to give. It’s heartening to see that on average the amount that people say they donate to charity has increased.

However, there are findings in the report which give us pause for thought. We continue to see a demographic disparity with men giving less than women, and the slight decrease in sponsorship levels suggests that fewer people gave money in 2018 than the previous year. Fundraisers will be thinking about strategies to address this and how they can get more people giving, and people giving more.”

Read the UK Giving Report 2018 here.