IoF response to Fundraising Regulator’s complaints report

IoF response to Fundraising Regulator’s complaints report

28 March 2019

Responding to the Fundraising Regulator’s complaints report, Peter Lewis, Chief Executive of the Institute of Fundraising, said:

The Complaints Report shows that charities are committed to delivering an excellent experience for supporters and the general public. The comparatively small number of complaints compared to the fundraising activities that inspire millions of people to give every year is positive. Having said that, each complaint and breach of the Code should be taken seriously and used to improve the experience of supporters.

As this report makes clear the vast majority of complaints that go to the Fundraising Regulator are dealt with by the charities themselves. It is therefore not surprising that the majority of complaints that are investigated by the Fundraising Regulator are found to breach the Code, as these are ones that charities have not been able to solve and have been escalated. The learnings from these investigations are essential.

We are pleased to see the Fundraising Regulator recognise the commitment and dedication from charities to getting this right and willingness to make changes where needed. We see this ourselves day in, day out. For example, our new Complaints Handling Training, developed with the Fundraising Regulator, has proved very popular.

We will be discussing the findings of this report with our Standards Advisory Board to identify whether any further guidance or resources are needed to help fundraisers deliver excellent fundraising standards all the time.


The Fundraising Regulator holds the responsibility to process complaints and carry out investigations into fundraising practice. 

The Complaints Report is a means by which the Fundraising Regulator can share examples of casework, provide analysis of the complaints received over the course of the year and illustrate learnings from their investigations.  

Read the report in full here.