IoF welcomes reviews of Fundraising Self-Regulation

IoF welcomes reviews of Fundraising Self-Regulation

23 September 2015

Responding to both Sir Stuart Etherington's Review of Fundraising Self-Regulation and SCVO’s review on the effectiveness of self-regulation of fundraising in Scotland, Peter Lewis, chief executive of the IoF said the following:

"Developing the right regulatory system for fundraising is absolutely vital for charities, their beneficiaries, donors, fundraisers and the general public. 

Our members have been clear throughout this process that they want to see a stronger and more robust system: a regulator with stronger sanctions and real teeth; greater powers of investigation; and a firm and clear expectation that all charities should have to comply with the standards that are agreed. We are glad that Sir Stuart has recognised the need for all of these, and fundraising expertise itself, to be at the core of a new regulator. 

We are also pleased Sir Stuart’s report supports our potential merger with the PFRA to create a single membership body for fundraising, and the greater role we can then play representing and training fundraisers, championing best practice and helping charities to comply with the very highest standards of fundraising. 

We welcome SCVO’s recommendation that we take the lead on ensuring fundraising practice is better aligned with the expectations of the general public and donors. 

The IoF is incredibly proud of its role over the last 32 years bringing fundraisers together to set standards for fundraising higher than those standards required by law. Over that time thousands of fundraisers have given their time voluntarily and with integrity to improve the Code, making changes to reflect the changing environment and to meet the changing expectations of the public. 

However, I can understand how from the public perspective, it is crucial to show there is no question of conflict of interest within the Code-setting process. 

So, although I expect some of our members to be concerned that Sir Stuart is recommending that ownership of the Code moves to the new regulator, I am sure many will be reassured that he is recommending that both fundraising expertise and the IoF will have an ongoing role on the proposed Fundraising Practice Committee. 

We will consider Sir Stuart’s recommendations in full over the next few days and look forward to playing a full and active role in supporting the new regulator to create the best possible environment for fundraising, and to continue to represent fundraisers and fundraising organisations within the proposed system. 

We will also consider SCVO’s review in full, and look forward to working with our members, regulators, partners and governments in each of the devolved nations to ensure we achieve the right system for the self-regulation of fundraising across the UK."

Peter Lewis newPeter Lewis, Chief Executive, Institute of Fundraising

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