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We have launched our newest and biggest campaign: Proud to be a Fundraiser!

Don't say 'I'm a fundraiser', say 'I help cure cancer' or whatever your charity does. Fundraising is a means to an end #proudfundraiser - @andytaylor1234 on Twitter

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“This is brilliant. I particularly like the reference to being a fundraiser not just being about asking for money. Everyone I have chatted to so far in our organisation is very much of the mind set that fundraising is a difficult job because they couldn't always be asking people for money all the time."

"Excellent piece of work. We are using it already – Thanks!”

“Wow. The #proudfundraiser toolkit is very good. Love the @cftrust case study, really powerful.”

“Downloaded the #proudfundraiser toolkit. From the quickest of glances we already feel motivated. Fantastic idea and campaign. Thanks."




The Institute of Fundraising has launched a new campaign, Proud to be a Fundraiser supported by Revolutionise. The campaign was developed to promote the vital work fundraisers do and get entire charities behind the fundraising effort, enabling organisations to plan for the future and ultimately achieve their mission and change the world for the better.

Last year, the Great Fundraising report by Professors Adrian Sargeant and Jen Shang, showed that for fundraising to grow rapidly it needs to be accepted, encouraged and owned by the entire organisation. Great fundraising organisations are those with staff and volunteers who are proud of their fundraising, whatever their job title.

The problem:

  • Fundraising comes under continuous scrutiny from the media, public and society
  • Fundraisers themselves have been defensive about fundraising for too long
  • Organisations treat fundraising departments as a ‘necessary evil’ 


The campaign:

Our Proud to be a Fundraiser campaign gives organisational fundraisers and individuals ‘a voice’ and ‘the tools’ they need to challenge negative perceptions and develop a mindset of ‘whole organisation fundraising’.

In conjunction with Revolutionise, we have developed a toolkit based on the findings of the Great Fundraising report. It is a complete and practical guide on how you can influence your whole organisation to be proud of fundraising. 

We want:

You to be a proud fundraiser

Your entire organisation to get behind fundraising no matter what their job title



For Individuals:

We want fundraisers to feel proud of what they achieve in helping to make the world a better place. We are asking you to be the visible face of the Proud to be a Fundraiser for your organisation by sharing our message and influencing a positive ‘fundraising perception’ in your organisation and wider society.

For organisations: 

We want organisations to create a better environment for fundraisers to raise money and fundraisers to believe their organisation perceives fundraising as being of primary importance to its cause. We want everyone from your CEO and trustees downwards to be fundraisers.