Why are YOU proud?

We want Proud to be a Fundraiser to promote the vital work fundraisers do, enabling organisations to plan for the future and ultimately achieve their mission and change the world for the better. The campaign is for fundraisers and we want YOU to be involved.



Today we are by no means perfect, but at least we can now openly share these challenges. Instead of wallowing in our own self-righteousness (like we all can), we are now all 100% committed to our vision and the challenges that brings. For example, our care team are redesigning how we show people around the hospice, meeting our donors face to face and telling their stories of the children and families who we help. Trustees are more connected to the cause as we bring real stories, not just faceless numbers, to board meetings. Now we all recognise that the money is the mission and we must share equal pride in both our care and our fundraising, and everything else for that matter - for we are all in the business of changing lives." David Pastor, CEO, Claire House Childrens Hospice


Here’s a chance to give would-be fundraisers the job satisfaction they crave and so help stem the turnover that causes our enterprises to haemorrhage their finest talent. But best of all, donors would love it. They don’t want to deal with professional career fundraisers who don’t feel the passion. They need to be impressed, inspired and infected by those who do. So let’s let ourselves celebrate this wonderful work we do. It’s really an indictment that we have to have the opening plenary at the IoF's National Convention called ‘Proud to be a fundraiser’. Of course the whole sector should be, no exception. The sooner we’re all proud to be fundraisers the better. So bring your CEO on July 7th, not just because he or she gets in free*, but because you need their backing, and pride too, when you transform your fundraising." Ken Burnett, founder of the IoF